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How we work?

You send us photo

We do professional retouch and add some magic

You receive it

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Who we are?

LightHouse Retouch - is a professional retouch studio.
We specialize in portrait and object retouching operating in commercial photo and fashion industries. LightHouse retouching studio has a great amount of experience in post-production. Our studio includes highly skilled and talented retouch artists and photographers with years of experience in the field.
We cooperate with world-famous brands, model agencies and photo studios on a global level.
Working in retouch industry always means quality in everything, therefore we ensure to provide you with the best service possible and guarantee the end result being a level more than you might expect. Our techniques include the latest digital retouching enhancements and innovative solutions adopted by international model agencies. Forestalling your requirements, we make sure that highest quality images you receive are also easily adaptable to any channel of publication you choose.
It is a pleasure for us to make your images implacable.

Why we?

SPEED - Unless you have a really big project for us, you will get your photos back in less than 48 hours.

QUANTITY - The size of our team allows to process high volumes within short timeframes while staying quality consistent.

QUALITY - We are committed to the highest industry standards and take our craft very seriously. Airbrushing is not retouching. Our service is for people who understand that.

GUARANTEE - We won't quit on you until you're 100% satisfied.

Our latest works:

LightHouse Retouch
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